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Intelligent Screening ISO 20022 payments formats: Opportunities & Challenges

By Abhinav Desai

Digitisation and automation, a critical success factor for effective trade compliance

By Biji John

Blog: Screening Payments: Finding the right balance between Cost, Risk and Customer Experience

By Fadi Shnoudi

Making better use of technology in fight against financial crime

By Amber Sutherland
Over recent years, technologies, such as Pelican’s AI platform, which uses Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, have matured and evolved to a point where they can now mimic how a human can think and decision whilst concurrently addressing key concerns.

AI - In Times of Trouble

By Colin Camp
With no certainty whether we are completely over COVID-19 or whether this or another virus will hit hard again, bank executives must plan for a ‘new normal’. A new normal without the reliance on teams of employees to perform many of the day-to-day activities and without the need for the required staff to always be stationed in the bank’s premises

Interviewing At Pelican

By Rimpee Kukreja
As interest in working for a reputed FinTech gets intense, job applications are piling up. For FinTechs like Pelican AI, being in domains like OpenBanking Compliance and Payments, it is all the more difficult as it sees some of the smartest and brightest minds strive for the openings available. Our dynamic Global Head of HR, Rimpee Kukreja shares some insights for aspirants on the hiring process and the kind of talent she is looking for. She discusses the process and strategies to land an offer for many of the most sought-after positions in the industry

How AI tools can protect your organization against Money Laundering

By Nasser Sweileh
Embracing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) can deliver rapid and measurable efficiency and capability gains across the entire financial crime compliance spectrum. AI solutions should be able to work with existing core AML/CTF and KYC screening tools, enabling current platforms to be adapted to meet the needs of today’s challenging and real-time screening requirements.