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The latest payments and compliance guidance

Read the latest guidance from our payments and compliance specialists on topics like Open Banking, AI-powered payments, TBML indicators, and more.


Digital India – How digital identity and open APIs are driving payments innovation

Much has been written about the potential of Open Banking and the transformative impact this will have on Europe’s payment landscape.
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Banking report: Industry embraces AI

Artificial intelligence use cases have been identified across the banking ecosystem. And the industry is jumping on board.
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Combating the growing menace of trade-based money laundering

As financial institutions come under increasing pressure from regulators to take action on trade-based money laundering, AI technology could be a vital ally in the fight against financial crime.
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Cross-border payments: Is the lack of clear API standards threatening PSD2’s potential?

Europe has been leading payment innovation worldwide by use of common ISO standards and SEPA initiatives rolled out across the EU.
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Half of companies within two years of real-time payments adoption

A recent poll taken at the bobsguide Fintalk webinar, ‘Real-Time Payments: the growth opportunities and challenges’ revealed that 56% of the webinar audience would adopt real-time payments within two years.
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Real-time forensics: How to outpace criminals in the cyber arms race

The disruption caused by payments fraud, especially high value wire transfers, is well documented and widely reported, and demonstrates the increasing focus of highly sophisticated criminal entities on the global financial payments system.
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Innovation in the banking ecosystem – A year of pivotal transformation

Surveying the lists of ‘key trend’ predictions for banking and payments at the start of each year often produces an interesting shopping basket of buzzwords – with some proving to have a rather shorter shelf-life than their exponents initially predicted.
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Real-time forensics: Effective strategies to combat payments fraud

The wave of payments fraud that continues to sweep the globe shows no signs of receding, leaving the financial services community anxiously in search of reliable ways to stay one step ahead.
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Real-time forensics & cognitive automation—How AI is set to transform banking payments

The practical application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by banks and financial service providers will be a hot topic in 2018.
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Embracing real-time payments in the U.S.: Challenges and opportunities

Since the introduction of ACH payments around forty years ago, the infrastructure of the U.S. payment system has remained relatively stagnant. The last few months, however, have seen a significant shift.
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