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"Paving the Way for Sustainable Trade Finance: Embracing Green Trade Finance for a Resilient Future".

"Paving the Way for Sustainable Trade Finance: Embracing Green Trade Finance for a Resilient Future"

The recently concluded COP28 summit in Dubai has reinforced the need of fast tracking the energy transition and fixing the climate financing, focusing on people and underpin everything with total inclusivity. In an era where global consciousness is shifting towards sustainability, businesses play a pivotal role in shaping a greener future. At Pelican, we are proud to lead the change towards sustainable trade finance, championing a paradigm shift with our commitment to helping our customers with greener ways of doing trade business. Through our AI-powered Trade digitisation, Automated Document Checking, and Automated TBML Compliance solution, we are not only adapting to change but actively contributing to a more resilient and greener trade ecosystem.


Trade Digitisation: Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation: The core element of our sustainable trade finance strategy is Trade Digitization. By embracing digital platforms and cutting-edge technologies, we pave the way for a future where paper becomes obsolete. This enhances the speed and accuracy of trade transactions and contributes to a substantial reduction in carbon emissions. Our embrace of Trade Digitization reflects our dedication to sustainable practices in line with the goals set forth by COP28 commitments.


Automated Document Checking: A Paperless Revolution: Our Automated Document Checking system is more than a technological advancement; it's a stride towards a paperless revolution. By digitising and automating document verification processes, we significantly diminish human errors, fulfilling the skill gap, an answer to the ageing document-checking community by providing an inclusive solution that enhances business efficiency and allows the human brain power to focus more on critical areas than a routine checking process. This streamlines the trade operations and aligns with our commitment to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.


Automated TBML Compliance: Ethical Practices for Socially Responsible Trade:

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond environmental concerns to encompass social and governance dimensions. The Automated TBML Compliance system ensures that our trade transactions adhere to the highest ethical standards, fostering fair business practices and contributing to a socially responsible trade ecosystem. The Pelican system provides a holistic solution that can address a wide range of Trade-based fraudulent activities. We contribute to a more equitable and safer global trade environment by incorporating these values into our operations.


As we move forward, our sustainable trade finance practices align seamlessly with the objectives outlined in these agreements. By adopting eco-friendly technologies, reducing waste, and promoting ethical conduct in Trade, we contribute to the overarching goals of building a resilient and sustainable global economy.


At Pelican, we believe that the future of trade finance lies in sustainability. Through end-to-end Trade Digitization, Automated Document Checking, and Automated TBML Compliance, we are not just providing cutting-edge solutions but are actively participating in the collective effort to build a better and more sustainable world.


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